The Flash Recap: Did a Huge Combat KO Barry & Iris? Plus, [Spoiler] Turns Evil

Household feuds had been the theme this week on The Flash, because the West-Allens quarreled over an abandonment difficulty and issues acquired ever chillier between the Snows.

Kicking off the episode, Iris rightly railed at Barry for whisking Nora again to the long run after which leaving her there, forbidden to return. “You at all times see a method by means of an issue, rattling what I believe,” she famous. Regardless of remedy and what not over time, “You’re nonetheless making selections based mostly on feelings.” When Barry makes an attempt to reply, Iris notes Flashpoint and him voluntary getting into the Pace Pressure as however two examples. She then drives him the purpose, “I didn’t even get to say goodbye!”

Barry was walloped with an epiphany when  he advised that Nora algnmning together with his arch enemy, Eobard Thawne, doesn’t trouble Iris. “No, it doesn’t,” she cooly confirmed. Barry means that Iris, too, is appearing based mostly on feelings, as a mom whose daughter now doesn’t hate her for tough selections to come back. “Look within the mirror,” he says, earlier than Iris slips away to take an enormous swing of her personal.


Iris confers with Gideon on the best way to use the time sphere to trace and discover Nora sooner or later, however Ralph catches her — to not cease her, although, however to assist. And Ralph’s help proved useful, as he shapeshifts into the surly jail guard mining Thawne, in order that Iris will pay her daughter’s  mentor a go to. Nora is there on the similar time, although, puzzling over why she wasn’t in a position to entry a “detrimental” Pace Pressure of her personal, as Thawne did over time to sneak up on Barry undetected. And seeing Iris, Nora is crammed with sufficient rage to accumulate the velocity she wants, and vanish off into her personal Pace Pressure.

When Iris returns house, she and Barry return to the loft for a much-needed discuss, the place they each cop to creating errors of their decision-making. “We will’t clear up this if we don’t stick collectively.”/ “Let’s convey our child house.” Oh, and one different factor, Iris factors out: Thawne appears to genuinely care about their daughter. (Or does he? What’s his endgame??)  Regardless of the case, at episode’s finish we see Nora emerge from her Pace Pressure with a singed velocity go well with… and sinister, pink glowing eyes. Yikes.

Elsewhere within the episode:

* Icicle aka Caitlin’s father broke into Dr. Carla Tannhauser’s lab to steal a next-gen “cryo-atomizer” — or as I’ll name it from right here on, “an orb” — which Workforce Flash realizes he plans to make use of to throw Central Metropolis into a brand new Ice Age. However for now, Icicle goals to present Carla her personal icy alter ego, so he kidnaps her and a meta-cuffed Caitlin. Barry arrives in time to check out a brand new trick that saves Carla from a cryo chamber, whereas Killer Frost chases after Icicle through swirling collection of ice ramps. Icicle, although, will get the drop on Killer Frost and plunges an icicle (a bit on the nostril. eh?) into her, turning her again into Caitlin. However when he goes to ship a dying strike, Thomas fights this manner out of Icicle to intervene and save his daughter. Later, although Carla seems to have emerged unscathed by the incident, as she and Caitlin head out for drinks we see a disposed pattern of her blood freeze over, suggesting that an icy alter ego could also be laying in wait inside her….

* Cicada II considerably randomly made an look on the finish of the showdown with Icicle, to steal  the orb. Afterward, we see her together with her youthful, comatose self, whom she took from the hospital, saying, “Quickly, Grace…. Quickly.”

What did you consider the episode “Snow Pack”?